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General Stamp Collecting Links
The British North America Philatelic Society   Stamp Albums Web
American Philatelic Society jpphilatelics
Scout Stamp Collecting Merit Badge Workbook
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Helpful Resources
American Assn of Philatelic Exhibitors: http://www.aape.org American First Day Cover Society: http://www.afdcs.org
American Stamp Dealers: http://www.asdaonline.com/asfree.htm Int. Machine Cancel Society: http://www.machinecancel.org
Philatelic Foundation: http://www.philatelicfoundation.org Post Mark Collectors Club: http://www.postmarks.org
Postal History Found: http://www.postalhistoryfoundation.org Postal History Society: http://www.precancels.org
Scott Publishing Company: http://www.scottonline.com Scouts on Stamps Society: http://www.sossi.org
Spellman Museum: http://www.spellman.org United Postal Stationery Society: http://www.upss.org
Universal Ship Cancellation Society: http://www.uscs.org The Washington Press: http://www.washpress.com
The History of the U.S. Postal Service Postal History Foundation